Frosty Flakes Quilt Pattern

If you happen to have read the November/December 2021 issue of McCalls’ Quilting, then you might have spied a familiar byline in one of the quilt designs.

This pattern is one I originally called simply, Grandma’s Red Quilt, because it was fashioned after an antique quilt hand pieced and hand quilted by my great grandmother. I have loved this quilt for decades, and have long considered making the pattern for it.

I had a lot of fun working on this pattern and modernizing it for rotary cutting by simplifying the measurements. The quilt itself is not difficult to piece, but does contain a lot–really, truly a lot–of triangles. If you need some practice with your HSTs and keeping your points, this is the quilt for you.

The inspiration quilt is approximately 80 years old, with colors that are still vibrant and intricate hand stitching. My version inverts the traditional background/foreground, and I used my embroidery machine to add some intricate quilting details. While this is inspired by a traditional quilt, I feel like the two-color option gives quilters plenty of room to take it modern as well. If you are a scrappy quilter, here’s a hint: it takes about one fat quarter to make one of the larger blocks plus one small block (the red part from the red/white version, or the white part from the magazine blue/white version). Have fun playing with foreground and background colors!

You can purchase a copy of the Frosty Flakes Quilt pattern by itself here.

This version is a sort of large throw size. For now, the quilt pattern is only available through McCalls Quilting. Someday in the future, I may work some variations on sizes for twin and queen beds.

Have you made the Frosty Flakes quilt from the McCalls’ Magazine? Please share a photos or two!

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