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November and December Projects

This is typically the most hectic week of the year for me. I’ve definitely been neglecting my blog as I try instead to finish All The Projects and also do All The Christmas. If you follow me on Instagram ( then you’re well aware that I haven’t been neglecting my crafting. In fact, I’ve been finishing items on my list pretty regularly, which feels pretty awesome. I have also realized that 2021 was the year of Large Projects. Nearly everything I have worked on has spanned most of the year. That means that everything is finishing up now and not neatly spread throughout, and also means that my poor office/sewing/craftroom is an overstuffed disaster as a result. I shall have to think carefully about this phenomenon when planning next year.

Nebula block of the month quilt top (Jaybird Quilts). No, I haven’t quilted it yet. But it’s still well worth celebrating because that top alone has most of a year’s worth of effort in it.

Also, the Nebula pattern contains a bonus pattern for a pillow.

This one is a reading pillow for my niece’s 2nd birthday. The fabrics are leftovers from the quilt I made for her birth. I call the back “improvisationally pieced” but really, I started with the edges I cut off the baby quilt’s pieced backing. The font and “Read Me a Story” design are both from Designs By JuJu.

I both finished and framed my Vintage Christmas cross stitch project. The stitching on this is really not that dense, but I deliberately worked one square per month throughout the year. The buttons add a cute little touch. I had high hopes of making a quilt to match, but maybe next year?

While I was making Nebula, I started using my scraps to make blocks for Sew By Row by Lori Holt. I did have to add background fabric (used a gray from Tula Pink’s True Colors line), and then picked up extra Homemade by Tula Pink for the border.

So far I only have the top done, so this is yet another in my to-be-quilted pile.

My quickest finish so far is this mini quilt that I started and finished yesterday. Its really just a single quilt block. The fabrics (just a few 2.5″ strips plus some backing from my stash) and the pattern were part of the Missouri Start Quilt Company Jenny’s Countdown to Christmas. Yes, I bought the countdown box for myself as a Christmas gift. I have no regrets. And lookee! A finished (and quilted!) project!.

I am not done crafting for the year. Why would I be? I have a solid 10 days left. Plenty of time. Not pictured: Christmas cards that I dropped in the mail today. And I have an assortment of small projects that may or may not be completed in time to go under the tree.

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