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DIY Quilt Stencils With Your Cricut — Free Template!

I am getting ready to free motion quilt a couple of projects that have been stacking up for a while. Even though I tend to eyeball designs, or rely on the quilt blocks themselves as guidelines for various designs, sometimes it helps to add additional centering marks.

You can use a pounce pad, chalk pencil, water erasable marking pen, heat erasable marking pen, or air erasable marking pen to make the actual marks on the fabric. Always test your marking tool of choice on scraps first!

To make your own quilt stencil, you need:

  • Cricut (Explore or Maker), fine point blade, and a light or medium grip 12×12 mat
  • 6 mil 12×12 inch mylar. Amazon carries this for cheap


  1. Open DesignSpace and browse to this (completely free!) project file.
  2. Click Make-It.
  3. On the “Prepare” screen, click and drag the starburst design until it appears centered on the mat.
  4. Load your 12×12 mylar sheet onto your Cricut Mat
  5. On Explore models, turn the dial to “Custom” material. On all models, select “Mylar” from the built-in choices. I then adjust the pressure to “more”, otherwise some small cuts don’t punch all the way out.
  6. Load your mat, hit the go button, and let the Cricut do its magic.

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